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Only 30 minutes drive from Greywalls is Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, reflecting the history, culture and personality of the nation.

From the first view of the Castle, with its dramatic tales of siege, dark deeds and intrigue, to the last long rays of sunshine over the restaurants and bars of the port of Leith, Edinburgh represents the essence of Scotland, its history and its modern day nationhood. Indeed, it can be argued that this is where the heart of Scotland and the Scots beats strongest. Edinburgh Castle, open all year, stands on a rocky crag which has been fortified for over 2,000 years. Scotland’s own crown jewels, the Honours of Scotland, are on display within the castle along with an equally potent symbol of nationhood, the Stone of Destiny, on which Scottish monarchs were crowned.

To the north of the castle, the shops and department stores of Princes Street mark the beginning of the Georgian New Town, an area of handsome buildings and broad avenues with attractions such as the Scottish National Gallery of Modem Art and the Royal Botanic Garden. A little further to the north in the city at the port of Leith is the recently berthed former yacht of Her Majesty the Queen, HMY Britannia which is open to visitors.

Edinburgh is a compact city, ideal for exploration on foot, either independently or with one of the many guides who offer insights into all aspects of its history. Haunted evening walks with ghostly guides could make a memorable end to the day for some visitors!